Friday, 30 October 2015

Difference between Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics:

Google Webmaster Tool reports on how search engines interact with websites, while Google Analytics reports on how users interact with websites.

Google Webmaster tool provides information about technical problems and how we can improve our site's visibility, whereas Google Analytics provide information about full website traffic statistics.

google webmaster tool

Webmaster tool's report includes website queries, impression, total clicks, clocks through rates. And webmaster tool inform us about crawl error, crawl stat, URL parameters, sitemaps, robots.txt tester, security issues, Google index status, mobile usability, international customer targeting, internal links, manual action, search analytics, mobile usability, structure data, data highlighter, HTML improvements, sitelinks.

But in Google Analytics we get full website traffic statistics including number of total visitors, number of unique visitors, total page view, average session duration, bounce rate and  percentage of new sessions.

google analytics tool

Saturday, 17 October 2015

On page SEO & Off page SEO

On page seo and off page seo
With the evolution of  Social Media and Google Algorithm updates SEO world has changed in a very impressive manner but its core part still remain unchanged. 

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the base of optimization process. From appropriate keyword selection to web page creation everything comes under On Page SEO. Main elements of successful On Page SEO are-
  • Appropriate keyword selection
  • Unique content creation 
  • Title optimization 
  • Meta description optimization
  • Good keyword density
  • Heading Tags
  • Formatting 
  • Image optimization 
  • Proper URL structure 
  • Update website content
  • Web page creation

Of Page SEO

To build link through online reputation or recommendation comes under Off Page SEO. It includes- 
  • Blog creation
  • Blog commenting 
  • Classified posting
  • Bookmarking
  • Directory submission
  • Forum submission
  • Article submission
  • W 2.O optimization
  • Promoting via Facebook
  • Promoting via Linkedin
  • Promoting via Twitter
  • Promoting via Google+
  • Promoting via You tube
  • Promoting via Pinterest 
  • Promoting via Quora
  • Document Sharing
  • CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission
  • Widget / Gadget Development
  • PPC Ad Campaign 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Search Engines

Search Engine is a program or software system that is designed to find documents or information for specific keyword on World Wide Web (www). Examples- Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Munax, Baidu etc.

Search Engines first crawl and then index content (including link, keywords, data) from different web pages of a website. A webpage can appear on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) only after the page has been indexed by search engine. And when someone search something on search engines, it shows relevant results on SERP.

Search engines can re-crawl and re-index a webpage several times if required, the more frequent it re-crawls and re-indexes a page the better rank the page should get.

Search Engine Result Page

SERP consist of list of results in response to a specific query. In Google four types of list appear on its result page-
  • Google Adwords
  • Organic Ranking List
  • Local Ranking List
  • Related keywords or Local Semantic Indexing (LSI)
Organic ranking list and local ranking list done with SEO where as Google adwords comes under Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Why you should go for an SEO company in Kolkata, lets start with basic of SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process or technique to get traffic for your website. It's main purpose is to improve your website visibility in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and to get your site ranked when user search with a relevant keyword on search engines. Choose the right SEO company in Kolkata and reach out to thousands of your customer.

Why you need an SEO expert for your website

The more you get traffic, the more you get customer for your product or services. It is very common that some company do their SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing by their employee who may have basic knowledge of SEO, but Google rank a website which based on more then 200 factors and Google update it's algorithms frequently. And if there is any unethical work done to get traffic, Google is smart enough to identify it and penalize those sites accordingly. 

seo kolkata
According to a renowned data analysis company, in 2014 more then 60% of Indian internet user bought product or services online and in 2015 the number is more then 67%. In another report, even when people buy product offline, 50% of them first search those product in Google first. If people can not find your website in Google's first or second page, you may lost them as your customer.

SEO is not costly! Some SEO companies in Kolkata are paid by their clients as same as their clients pay for their managers, but why they are paying too much money for SEO or Digital Marketing? Because they understand and experienced that if they pay Rs.1 for SEO, they will get the profit of Rs.5.

Content writer may gives you a very good content for your landing page of your website, but from keyword analysis to ethical link building there is no substitute for a good SEO professional. Take the best SEO service in Kolkata, differentiate your business from your competitor and turn leads into customer.